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History of our house

Back in the sixteenth century to the house of Lieutenant Baillival

In 1536 the Bernese invaded the country of Vaud. Protestants (Lausanne and Bern residents) destroy the monastery in the name of reform. City Romainmôtier medieval power, is the capital of the region. The bailiff (noble of Bern) is the representative of the government administers its bailiwick and presides over the court baillivale including Lieutenant Baillival (Vaudois), three assessors and a secretary.
Family Martignier (blazon of kitchen back home) makes a nice house outside the wall of the cloister, 1550 (reuses many of the demolition of the monastery).
Since 1600, it became the residence of the successive" lieutenants baillivaux". A few steps from the castle bailiff and the home of the tithe that was to monitor, the position is ideal. Lieutenant Roy Baillival completely transformed this house in 1684. Framing, Bernese roof and murals were completed in 1695. The man of law grants the right to have the only private village fountain.
In the nineteenth century, Rochaz build the reinforcement, dedicated to sanitary, internal stairs and many Tiled ovens.
The last Rochaz, trustee Romainmôtier transforms the property became a farm, he boughts all surrounding buildings in 1917. It renovates the interior, adds central heating, electricity. It was him who began the repainting of walls and ceilings on the first floor in 1927.
Two daughters, nephews and caring for this house until 1960.
The family settled Surer and take care of these walls for 34 years.

Our renewal charter (building classified 1, MHV)

Since February 2002, Michel Blanc began a return to the past. Historical monuments Vaud (MHV) first made ​​an historical study of the three buildings.
The general idea: Eliminate transformations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries who used materials unsuitable for building health (cement, concrete, plaster) and installation of new technical infrastructure worthy of the XXI century.
Electricity: elimination of all tubes visible, redistribution, smoke detection.
Communications: KBS system (internet, television, telephone)
Heating: new plumbing, boiler and radiators bundle.
Creation of 7 bathrooms.
Insulation: new doors redone old, stored with all the windows insulating glass, wood parts reported outside, roof insulation between joists and beams and cross of St Andrew apparent.
Walls: brick partition, elimination cemented brick, plaster. Rebuilt walls with whitewashed in 3 layers. Woodwork completed.
Exceptions to the use of old materials for modern parts, namely: the rafters and sanitation.

Mention Icomos 2009

Under the patronage of the Swiss branch of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), in collaboration with Gastrosuisse, hotelleriesuisse and Switzerland Tourism, our house has been honored with a mention for: "the commitment of the owners to make available to their guests spaces restored with rigorous respect for history and the safety of the building. "
This encourages enthusiastic amateurs, we continue our restoration work in the same spirit.