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From the mid-seventeenth century, some of son the best Waldensian families who will make career officer in the Swiss troops abroad, undertake a plan to rebuild more broad and majestic, the ancestral home.
The powerful current that occurs innovative in French art spreads on future land "Vaud". This is the end of the reign of the Dukes of Savoy.
Bern sends craftsmen throughout its territory. The contribution of French taste in Swiss architecture and decorating this house assert themselves in the paintings, stained glass, and landscapes it contains. Between home-built, with frontage on street and front courtyard and garden, as it is the is already in the middle ages, in all French cities .
The influence of the North exerted by Bern in the sixteenth century is evident in the high roof two large sections, with sections intersected on the sprockets, spread as an ample cloak of the house to which it imposes its character.
The style is regional, probably influenced by the art of our neighbors, transformed by design artists of that time.